Professional Wedding, Family, Event and Corporate Photographer

Covering London and the Hertfordshire area

Hello, I’m Claire Jonas. I’m a mulit-award winning, professional photographer and I’m in the memory-preserving business.

I specialise in photographing weddingsbar and bat mitzvahsparties and events, family photography and corporate branding photography.

I believe in the power of images to capture unique moments. I believe that all photo shoots should be fun, whether that’s documenting one of the most important days in your life, playing in the garden with your family, or articulating your business message and brand values.

It’s my job to tell your story, capturing moments and meanings and those beautiful little details that so often get overlooked. With me you don’t just get my years of training and technical expertise as a professional photographer: you also get the imagination, inspiration and creativity that gives you the kind of results that will last a lifetime. 

Why hire a professional photographer? 

Everyone carries a camera around in their pocket these days, so why would you need to spend money on professional photography? It’s true that almost any modern camera can produce great results. But there’s more to photography than a camera, and great photos are more than just snapping away hoping for the best.

I capture images for a living. I understand concepts like the different lighting conditions, locations, composition, framing and editing. Anyone can “point and shoot” and end up with half-decent photos. But with me you get outstanding photos that are head and shoulders above what most snappers can achieve, plus the entire experience that goes along with it. 

Hiring a professional photographer isn’t a cost, it’s an investment. I will document your wedding, party or event while you relax and enjoy yourself. You can trust me to get on with my job of capturing every moment, emotion, reaction and detail – things that many of my happy clients tell me they weren’t even aware of on the day. I know how to coax the best out of my subjects: I’m endlessly patient with nervous brides, over-excited children and anyone who hates having their photo taken (I will change your mind about that!). 

My services include weddingsbar and bat mitzvahsfamily shoots, parties and events, and corporate and branding photography. 

But I don’t just turn up on the day, order your guests about, then send you a bog-standard range of rictus smiles, forced poses and a huge bill. I work with you to make sure you get the images that you’ll treasure and want to keep forever. I’m all about the detail which includes lots of advanced preparation and planning. To find out more about how I work give me a call

Bar Mitzvah family pose in synagogue - Bar Mitzvah Photography